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Theia is an Insight Hub

Combine all of your data assets
into one user experience.
Bring clarity where there is none.

Learn how Denver University is replacing the performance dashboard used across the entire University with Theia, the ultimate Research Assistant

Why Theia?


Theia is an Insight Hub. Information from many sources is required to provide insight to make effective decisions. Theia brings sources together – BI platforms, analytics and data visualizations – into one experience, so that better, data driven decisions can be made. Theia’s information & Enterprise Business Intelligence portal provides insight at scale.

Single User Experience

Provide business users with a single, seamless, integrated analytics experience

BI Modernization

Protect users from the friction involved with migrating to new Business Intelligence platforms

Data Literacy

Ensure that everyone interprets the data the same way by adding the right context to the visualizations

Brand Enablement

Deploy visually stunning and compelling applications that align with corporate branding and appearance

Federated Search

Return relevant data assets across ALL information systems with a single Search experience


Access disparate systems from a single user experience, streamlining post-merger technology integration

Theia doing what Theia does best

Search content across all systems, enable rating & commentary

Create a seamless user experience through custom branding

Bring BI and non BI data assets into one single user experience

The word is spreading

Great discussion with Theia on the topic of BIFabric … to integrate multiple BI tools

-Boris Evelson


Theia is saving costs and boosting analytics adoption, which means employees are getting the clear insight they need to keep us competitive


Theia’s presentation is helping our users think through all of the other KPIs we are missing right now

-University of Denver

I like this uber BI analytics portal Theia connecting all kinds of content & dashboards

-Cindi Howson


Theia decreases the workload for everybody!


- US Healthcare Payer

Theia is really genius in this new environment. It’s the most amazing thing I have seen in 10 years

-Pomona College




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