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Why Theia

Just 3 steps to search and work directly with all your business assets alongside each other. You don’t need to leave Theia to explore your visualizations, videos, queries, social media, and more.

Who loves Theia?

Change agents. Status quo dissidents.

Ceos and Managers

Get the birds-eye view

As Executives and Managers, you are required to understand the complete picture of your part of the organization to make the best data-driven decisions.


But how can you leverage all of the information stories available to you if they are hiding in multiple, disparate BI platforms, analysis tools, and non BI&A sources?

CDO and data analysts

Don’t compromise pro tools

You are in charge of shortening the path to actionable insights and obtaining value from all of your information sources.


Theia can get you to “Aha” faster by consolidating all the information into ONE insight hub and making it accessible to those who need it.

You can further speed your course of action through cross-platform searching and content rating systems to get to the data that’s relevant and then visualize it in new and meaningful ways.

All industries

Theia has fans in many places

Regardless of the industry that you are in, there are informational stories that need to be shared in order to make the best business decisions.

However, it takes multiple tools to compile all of the information needed to complete your story.

Theia helps you overcome the challenges that come with multiple information data platforms…

like centralizing the data and information for the right audiences, navigating through all of the information to find what you need, what you didn’t know existed, and what is rated as the most valuable. All of this gets you the missing pieces to your story.

Theia doing what Theia does best

Create a seamless user experience through custom branding

Bring BI and non BI data assets into one single user experience

Search content across all systems, enable rating & commentary

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