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Theia is an Insight Hub

Combine all of your data assets
into one user experience.
Bring clarity where there is none.

Challenges that Theia solves

Single User Experience

Rather than force users to navigate multiple tools and systems to analyze information, Theia
provides a single, seamless, integrated analytics experience, allowing you to work with, find,
and curate all of your information assets in one place. Theia is the one-stop shop for all of your
analytics needs – you never have to leave the Theia experience.

Federated Search

Your reports, visualizations, dashboards, presentations, and files are all living in disparate tools
and systems. How do you find the information you need to make a decision? With Theia, you
can quickly return relevant data assets across all of your information systems with an easy to
use search experience. With the power of federated search, you save time, avoid creating
duplicate assets, and discover valuable information you didn’t even know was available.

BI Modernization 

With over 250 different analytics vendors on the market you will inevitably migrate to a new
business intelligence system at some point. Theia allows you to smoothly sunset and introduce
new tools by eliminating disruption to end-users. Your audience does not need to know what
tool information is coming from, they just need the information itself to make decisions. Theia
is tool-agnostic, allowing you to swap in and out assets with just a few clicks behind the scenes
without ever slowing down end-user analysis and decision making.

Data Literacy

You need to provide an easy to use analytics experience to build a strong data culture within
the organization and get users excited about making data-driven decisions. Theia gives you the
ability to present non-BI information such as data definitions, report explanations, corporate
presentations, and tutorial videos alongside your analytics assets so that you can provide the
right context for analytics and teach users how to work with and understand the data they need
to discover insights and make decisions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Your company just merged with another organization. You and your new colleagues are using
different tools and systems. Eliminate the friction of merging information systems and
streamline post-merger technology integration with a single analytics user-experience. Access
disparate information systems while beginning the process of consolidating and rationalizing
tools all without disrupting end-users.

Brand Enablement  

Deploy visually stunning and compelling applications that align with corporate branding and
appearance for both internal and external users.





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